Youth Community is a place for the development of non-partisan young generation, which grows on the basis of awareness and sense of social responsibility from, by and for the community, especially young people in the Village / Subdistricts or equivalent social community, which is mainly engaged in social welfare. Youth Community is a forum for coaching and developing and empowering in an effort to develop productive economic activities by utilizing all available potentials in the environment both human and natural resources that already exist. Diponegoro University (UNDIP) through the science and technology program for undip fostered villages cooperates with the young people of Wates village, Undaan sub-district who are members of Tunas Jaya Wates Youth Community to develop rural productive economy by utilizing limited land (irrigated land) for Nile tilapia cultivation.

Dr. Ir. Cahya Setya Utama, S.Pt, M.Sc., IPM as a lecturer from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture (FPP) as well as the lead executive of this activity stated that this activity was an initial inducement for youth generation to realize their dreams together with UNDIP in building an Edu-Technopreneur by utilizing limited land in Wates Village which later will act as an integral farming business icon to support the education tourism area. UNDIP also conducted a mapping of the area by identifying the natural, social and cultural potential in Wates Village to support the education tourism area.

Abdullah Assofi as the head of the Wates Village stated that the majority of the people earn a living from agriculture, fisheries and livestock. Beautiful and religious nuances are very suitable for the development of rural tourism in line with government programs in developing village potential. This potential is pretty challenging to be developed, in line with the needs of the Wates village community to empower youth / youth community and housewives / PKK, to obtain productive activities through empowering the potential of “limited areas” and the village environment as an alternative destination for tourists visiting Kudus city.

Suliyono, as the head of Tunas Jaya Wates youth group welcomed and are ready to succeed this program to turn Wates Village into an educational tourism village.