Semarang (11/10) – On this day, Reforestation and Soft Opening of KHDTK (Kawasan Hutan Dengan Tujuan Khusus) / Forest Area with Special Purpose is held in Penggaron Forest on occasion of Diponegoro University’s 63rd Anniversary. The Penggaron Forest Tree Planting Launching Event is held in Susukan Village, East Ungaran District, Semarang Regency. Present at this event are the Undip Rector, Undip Vice Rector and Academic Senate, the Board of Trustees, and Dean of Faculties. The Regent of Semarang Regency and the Head of the Environment and Forestry Service of Semarang Regency also attend this event. Also present are representative of Pemali Jratun Watershed and Protected Forest Management Center and Perhutani Semarang Regency.
With the theme “One Community One Vegetation (OCOV) For Future”, this event aims to invite everyone to participate in preserving nature by planting trees en masse in line with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The types of trees planted are rare plants that have a special function as many as 1063 trees. At the end of the event, 63 birds were also released, including the kepodang, derkuku, perkutut, and jalak kebo.
The event is continued with the symbolic handover of tree seedlings from the Head of PLT, Environmental Service and Jamkrindo to the Undip Rector. Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum. would like to thank all those who have helped and contributed in organizing this event. “Let’s develop the forest, synergize between the community and the academic community. We invite the local community, because the forest cannot be separated from them. Together protecting the forest in accordance with the theme of the 63rd Anniversary, Diversity Synergy for Strengthening Research Universities in a New Normal Order, “said Prof. Yos in his speech.
Penggaron Forest was chosen as Forest Area with Special Purpose because this forest already has the available infrastructure, and has been researched several times by the Undip Postgraduate team. The Regent of Semarang welcomed the launch of this forest. “Hopefully these trees will provide benefits and blessings for the people of Semarang Regency. We ask the residents to take care of the trees in order to preserve nature, ”said the Regent of Semarang Regency, Dr. H. Mundjirin ES, Sp.OG.
Tree seeds and farming tools will be distributed to local farmers. In the Sambung Rasa session between the Undip Rector and farmers, the farmers convey their aspirations for forest development and empowerment of local residents. “The majority of the residents are farmers. We often get seed assistance from the government and foundations, but unfortunately there is no continuation. Most of the residents here are self-taught farmers, we hope that Undip will give continuous guidance on the science of tree-planting, so that plants can grow well and can be harvested”, said one farmer who is a member of the Mitra Lestari Farmer Group.
In line with what is conveyed by the Rector, Undip KHDTK Manager Prof. Dr. Ir. Sri Puryono Karto Soedarmo, MP adds that this reforestation program is an implementation of the one person planting 25 trees program. “The goal is to support food security, oxygen availability and the sustainability of future children and grandchildren”, explained the Undip Non-Permanent Lecturer Professor of Environmental Management.
The event ends with planting typical trees from different regencies in Central Java and releasing the bird identity “Podhang Kuning”. The implementation of this event is performed according to health protocols and is supervised by the Semarang Covid Task Force. It is hoped that by launching the Penggaron Forest KHDTK can be a contribution in preserving nature and be helpful for the community as well as for Undip.
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