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Undip Professors Continue to Develop Environmental Care Innovations

With the current theme of “Undip’s Innovation during the Covid-19 Pandemic”, two Diponegoro University professors showed their innovation in Halo Jateng talk show program with TVRI. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nur, DEA from Faculty of Science and Mathematics Undip and Prof. Dr. Denny Nugroho Sugianto, S.T., M.Si. from Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Undip attended as speakers. These two Undip lecturers have created innovative products that can be solutions to problems in the modern era nowadays.
Prof. Muhammad Nur is known as a plasma technology expert at Undip and in Indonesia. Previously he had created a room purifier called Zeta Green which has been used in several government agencies and hospitals. This tool is able to purify the air in an area, to remove unpleasant odors, to kill mold and bacteria, and to suck out dust and dirt. Bacteria and dust particles are destroyed by plasma reactor, so that the air in the room using Zeta Green becomes cleaner and healthier. Another innovation created by him is a tool for preserving vegetables which also uses plasma technology. Using cold plasma that reaches a temperature of 1000° Celsius, this tool is able to kill germs on vegetables and to make tissue growth faster.

Furthermore, the innovations created by Prof. Denny was led by rob problems that routinely occur in Semarang city. Tidal flooding is affected by tides due to gravity of moon and land subsidence, and external factors such as strong winds and storms can exacerbate the situation. Based on these facts, he created an application called Rob’s Calendar which is available in offline form of hard copy calendars and online on Play Store application. Rob calendar is an early warning system for tide/rob. Application users can see the estimated date and time of the rob so that they can anticipate flooding. The tidal data which is the result of research by Undip engineering lecturers is updated once a year. Apart from this application, Prof. Denny is also developing a Pantura erosion treatment prototype in the cities of Semarang and Demak. He listened to ideas and input from the community and cooperated with them to actively participate in reconstruction of the coastline.

The research conducted by Undip professors certainly started with the establishment of many programs. In its implementation, lecturers collaborate with students, Undip, government, and the community to overcome problems that often arise in the city of Semarang and other cities in Central Java.

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