Several days ago, the Rector of Diponegoro University (Undip) inaugurated the 2022 Student Organization Board, taking place at the 2nd floor of BAA Meeting Room, SA-MWA Building, Tembalang, on Wednesday (16/3). The inauguration ceremony was held offline and online. The inauguration was attended by the Chair of Academic Senate, the Chair of Board of Trustees, the Vice Rectors, the Deans of Faculties and Schools and the Deputy Deans. The Director of Academic, Student Affairs and Alumni, Deputy Director of Student Affairs and Alumni, Supervisors of Student Activity units were also invited to the event.

The event began with a report by the Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Faisal, SE, M.Sc., Ph.D., who said that university-level student organizations consisted of: Undip Student Senate (SM), Undip Student Executive Board (BEM) and Undip Student Activity Unit (UKM). The number of UKM is 48, consisting of: Inter-sectoral UKM (4), Water Sports UKM (1), Self-Defense Sports UKM (9), Games Sports UKM (12), Arts UKM (7), Reasoning UKM (5), and Welfare UKM (10). The event was followed by the reading of the Decree for the Appointment of the Management and the Pledge of the Student Organization Board.

Undip Rector, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum., in his speech congratulated the newly inaugurated Student Organization Board for the 2022 period. “I congratulate the management who were sworn in today. Pledge is a promise, not much different from an oath, so as people who believe in Allah SWT, this becomes our task to carry out the contents of the pledge. As many have said, good people are the people who are useful for the surroundings. So I hope that the Senate, BEM, and UKM are able to become organizational figures and personal figures who are then able to be of benefit, not only to mankind, but also to the universe,” said Prof. Yos.

Furthermore, Prof. Yos advised the new Student Organization Board to protect the good name and big name of Diponegoro University. “The activities carried out must be truly useful, measurable and well-planned. So that it will add to the glory of Diponegoro University. Diponegoro University is ours, a place where your heart and mind, the souls of science, knowledge, and skills are instilled. Tarnishing Diponegoro University’s name is the same as tarnishing yourself. So because of that, I also beg you, to be able to maintain the good name of Diponegoro University,” said Prof. Yos.

The event continued with the introduction of the 2022 Core Management of Undip Student Executive Board by Ichwan Nugraha Budjang. “As Undip students who practice the Diponegoro values of being honest, brave, fair, and caring as well as having courageous, intellectual character, critical reasoning power, it is natural to act as a constellation of reformers. Rasi Pembaharu is the name of the cabinet that we use in this period, this name shows enthusiasm and optimism to make changes that lead to progress. Through a collaborative-contributive movement, we are here to synergize to build new hope for Undip’s glory and for Undip’s progress. Our vision is the 2022 Undip Student Executive Board as a Contributive-Collaborative Renewal Accelerator Room for Undip and Indonesia. We really hope that the Undip Student Executive Board can be useful, and have a wider impact,” he said.

The introduction of the 2022 Core Management of Undip Student Senate and Student Activity Units was delivered by the 2022 Head of Undip Student Senate, Doni Pratama Siregar, who invited the management to work sincerely and to the fullest in order to carry out service tasks for all Undip students.

“The Student Senate as a legislative organization at the university level certainly has strategic roles in policy formulation in the student scope. As a legislative organization, we have 4 functions, namely the legislative function, the budget function, the supervisory function and the aspiration function. Therefore, I invite all of my colleagues to collaborate together to create an outstanding, pro-active Undip student organization in 2022 while still upholding the benefits of activities carried out by student organizations. Let’s make it a total benefit to all Undip students, because I once read the book entitled ‘Self Driving’ written by Rhenald Kasali, the first responsibility of a leader is to explain the facts, the last responsibility is to say thank you. Between the first and the last, the leader will be a servant to all his constituents. Therefore, I invite all my comrades to work sincerely in order to carry out service tasks for all students of Diponegoro University,” he concluded. (As)