“The Dairy Cattle Study Group (KSTP) was formed in 2015 under the direct guidance of the Beef and Dairy Production Laboratory, Dairy Livestock Division, Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences (FPP), Diponegoro University (Undip) with members from not only one department but also all departments from the faculty can join this study group. Our activities are discussing various matters regarding dairy cattle, both cows, goats, and so on, holding seminars, research and visits on dairy cattle as the main commodity and conducting in-house training as an effort to increase the knowledge and skills of members,” said Muhammad Habib Adlan, Head of the Dairy Cattle Study Group (KSTP) FPP Undip Batch XII.

Habib and his members (Mikael, Salsabila, Fawaid, Nur Afifa, Evana, Berinda and Arief) made pasteurized milk which is a method of heating milk below the boiling point for a certain time with the aim of killing harmful pathogenic bacteria to ensure milk safety while maintaining the quality of its nutrition.

“On April 21-22, we had the opportunity to take part in a bazaar at the Central Java Governor’s Office. The signature product that we display is Pasteurized Milk which we call Milky Fruit Milk and this year we are also releasing a new product, namely the KSTP Fruit Salad where all products are made from milk,” continued Habib, a student of the Animal Science Undergraduate Study Program.

Habib said the initial process of making the product started from a discussion about adjusting the basic composition to production and packaging which took about 5 days and was ready for sale.

“Education is like a wild animal, we cannot immediately tame a wild animal but it takes a process to really tame and control the wild animal. Education without creativity makes the knowledge we get does not vary. The younger generation is now required to master soft skills and hard skills to make us unique in each of us. By continuing to be enthusiastic and creative, we will come up with new ideas that will be useful and advance us with high quality skills,” he concluded.

drh. Dian Wahyu Harjanti, Ph.D. as the KSTP supervisor said that fresh milk was obtained from the Teaching Farm of Dairy Cows at FPP. FPP Undip has facilities in the form of rearing cages, grazing land, milking parlor and a milk processing room that produces milk every day, in the morning and evening. Lactating Dairy Cows are milked using a milking machine to maintain their quality.

“Lactating cows are milked using a milking machine in the morning and evening, and livestock health checks and milk quality tests are carried out regularly at the Milk Quality Testing Laboratory or the Beef and Dairy Production Laboratory of FPP Undip to ensure the quality of the milk produced,” he said.

He strongly encouraged student activities in entrepreneurship development and generating creative and innovative ideas in opening up business opportunities for students themselves. This is a form of implementing the Free Learning – Independent Campus (MBKM) policy and encouraging the emergence of young entrepreneurs or students in Indonesia. (Lin – Public Relations)