Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Undergraduate Study Programs of FSM UNDIP Produce Competent, Smart and Reliable Graduates

Prospective new students, especially the Science and Technology group, must already have ideas when choosing a study program that matches their interests and talents. That includes when they choose to study at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics. It should be noted that the Faculty of Science and Mathematics (FSM) of Diponegoro University (Undip) has several study programs including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Undergraduate study programs. The three study programs produce graduates who are competent, professional, competitive, and oriented towards the future.

The Biology Undergraduate Study Program has been accredited A with a Bachelor of Science (S.Si.) graduate degree. The materials studied in this study program are biological and environmental sciences. Graduate profiles include biological analysts, entrepreneurs, practitioners, young researchers, and supporting staff. Supporting facilities for Biology prospective students are internet, library, practicum and research laboratory, experimental garden, experimental cages, multimedia room, and lecture hall.

The Chemistry Undergraduate Study Program has been accredited A with a Bachelor of Science (S.Si.) graduate degree. The lectures in these studies include the principles of chemistry and its application by strengthening the study of natural materials, biomolecules, materials, processes and energy. Meanwhile, graduates are expected to be able to play a role in several professional positions, such as researchers, developers, academics, teachers, engineers, controllers, managers, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

The Physics Undergraduate Study Program has been accredited A with a Bachelor of Science (S.Si.) graduate degree. The topics discussed include radiation physics, competence in the development and application of radiation in the medical, industrial and research fields; material physics, having competence in the analysis of the physical properties of materials and their applications; geophysics, having competence in designing and conducting exploratory surveys using geophysical methods in exploring natural resources and the environment; instrumentation, having the ability to apply the concept of microprocessor-based instrumentation for automation signal processing and data communication in hardware and software. This study program also aims to produce profiles of graduates from academics, researchers, leaders, medical physicists, radiation physics practitioners, electronics and instrumentation planners, practitioners in the energy and oil and gas mining industry, and advanced materials developers.

After knowing the various advantages of the above study programs, it will be easy for prospective new students to take their favorite majors during college. Whatever the choice of major at FSM Undip, hopefully it can be a good study guide and as a means of gaining useful knowledge for the students as well as for many people. (Lin – Public Relations)

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