In the context of implementing the Competency Development Program through the Educational Path, Diponegoro University hereby opens registration of Selection for the Third Period of Diponegoro University Study Task Scholarships in 2022, which includes: Programs with Obtaining Degrees (PMG/Degree) and Programs with No Degrees (PTMG/Non Degrees) for Undip Permanent Employees (PTU ASN and PTU Non-ASN).

The scholarship schemes provided are:

  1. Study tasks dismissed from positions in the country
  2. Study tasks dismissed from positions abroad
  3. Study tasks that are not dismissed from office

General requirements and specific requirements related to the scholarship can be seen in attachment I and attachment II. The format of the application letter, certificate of conformity in the field of science, and statement letter can follow the letter format in attachments III to VII.

We request that the application letter and supporting documents be received no later than October 21, 2022.

Thus we convey this announcement and please pay attention to the requirements.


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