Diponegoro University held motivational training for students receiving merit scholarship of Bidikmisi (Educational Fund for Low-Income and Achiever Students) on Wednesday (March 21, 2018) at Prof. Soedarto Hall, Undip campus, Tembalang, Semarang. The training was attended by all students receiving Bidikmisi.

The speakers in the training are SVP, Head Of Strategic PT. PP (Persero) Ir. Hadjar Seti Adji, Undip Faculty of Psychology lecturer Dra. Frieda NRH, M.S, and a well known motivator Chirstian Andrianto.

Director of Student Affairs Drs. Handojo Djoko Waloejo, M.Si said that number of students receiving Bidikmisi scholarship on 2017 are 1.249 students. They are 50 students from Faculty of Law, 149 students (Faculty of Economics and Bussiness), 205 students (Faculty of Engineering), 74  students (Faculty of Medicine), 114 students (Faculty of Humanities), 97 students (Faculty of Social Science and Political Science), 190 students (Faculty of Science and Mathematics), 134 students (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science), and 225 students (Faculty of Psychology).

In the training, Hadjar Seti Adji said that human has some intelligences, such as IQ, EQ, SQ, CQ and AQ. He also explained some ways to generate ideas of creativity, i.e:

  1. Quantity of Ideas, generating the first idea is for getting the better ones. Choosing ; 2. Brainstorming, to add the existing ideas for getting the original ones; 3. Synetics, to make the unknown to be familiar ones by using analogy and methaphor; 4. Focusing on Target, to focus on things you want to as if it will happen tomorrow.

“It’s not only company needs to transform, life do too. Divide the rest of our age into its phases, and make the objective as a benchmarking,” the Head of Straategic PT. PP  said.

Hadjar also said, to be success people must have continously develop their networking due to information networking is strongly needed by people in globalization era.

In the training, the students were waiting for the best motivator in Indonesia Cristian Adrianto who is an Undip alumnus. When the motivator arrived, they enthusiastically greeted him. “Each student has to change habit to success without ignoring happiness. Happy first, succes come. Bliss and love are very important for your life,” Cristian Adrianto said.

Many people have fear, laziness, and negative thinking while facing challenges. If the students want to change their life, they have to change their mindset. They can do some for change, such as changing words, gesture, and paying attention to questions making subconscious mind memmorized what they thoughts. Conscious mind is only able to record information 12% less than subconscious mind.

The next speaker is psychology lecturer of Undip, Dra. Frieda N R H, M who talked about attitude and charracter inNd . It needs, she said, ambitions and efforts for achieving the objectives. She said the backwardness is caused by the poor behaviour, such as lack of will to obey principles of life and teach the principles to others. In the training, students asked questions of things to define sucess. (Oktora/Humas).