Competency certification is an acknowledgment of workers who have skills and abilities in accordance with the established work standards. Through competency certification, the officers will be more focused on their work and recognized for their expertise. By having a competency certification, a person will get proof of written acknowledgment of the mastered competencies, because the competition in the world of work in current era is very tight, especially between professions and across professions

One of the certification training that has an important role is Microsoft Office certification, it is useful in assisting workers in promoting their profession in the labor market, assisting workers in planning careers, assisting in recognizing cross-sectoral and cross-country competencies, helping professional workers convince organizations / industry / clients that they are competent in their fields, assisting professional staff in meeting regulatory requirements, maintaining competence to increase the confidence of professional staff, and assisting professional staff in measuring the level of competency achievement in the learning process in formal institutions and independently.

Educational staffs at Diponegoro University are required to be proficient in using computer technology in order to be able to compete and support the demands of today’s work. To meet this need, Human Resources Development Agency (Badan Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia / BPSDM) of Undip in collaboration with ITS Tekno Sains from Surabaya held a International Certification Training of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) for Undip Educational Staffs.

With the implementation of strict health protocols, International Certification Training of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is held for 4 days (June 14th-17th 2021) attended by 70 participants of educational staffs. The training is held online using Zoom, on the first 2 days for the delivery of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel materials, 1 day of self-study and the last 1 day for the certification exam. This certification training aims to improve computer skills and abilities, especially in running the Microsoft Office 2016 program for general functional educational staffs at Diponegoro University. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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