Diponegoro University had a Disaster Anticipation Workshop for the first time. It was initiated by the Disaster Management Center in Institute for Research and Community Service at Diponegoro University. This activity was as a follow-up from the formation of UNDIP Disaster Management Center and had been socialized to all of the civitas academica on January 15th, 2020 as written in Rector’s Decree No. 202/UN7.P/HK/2020 about the formation of the Diponegoro Disaster Assistance Response Team (D-DART) at the UNDIP Disaster Management Center.

This activity was held on March 11st-12nd 2020 in the 5th floor of ICT Hall building Diponegoro University, Semarang. This activity was aimed to discuss and establish the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of Undip volunteer teams in managing the disaster both at regional and national levels.

This workshop was a scientific forum that was attended by 166 of Undip volunteer team (D-DART) from various multidisciplinary science; academics from Faculty and Vocational School in Diponegoro University, a medical team from Rumah Sakit Nasional Diponegoro / Diponegoro National Hospital (RSND), and alumni from IKA Undip. This activity was started by the report from the committee which was delivered directly by Dr. Achmad Zulfa Juniarto, M.Si.Med., MMR., Sp.And. (K)., Ph.D., as a Chairperson of the UNDIP Disaster Management Center, followed by an opening speech and activity by the Chairperson of Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) UNDIP Prof. Dr. Jamari, S.T., M.T. The activity was continued by the presentation of material from the speakers and discussion of SOP (medical field, public health, logistics, and information systems). This two-day activity invited some external speakers from various sectors such as Head of Disease Prevention and Control Department of Health in Central Java Province (dr. Tatik Murhayati, M.Kes) who discussed the Disaster Management and Coordination Policy in Central Java. The discussion about the Role of Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) in Disaster Management was delivered by the Head of Disaster Management and Human Resources of the Indonesian Red Cross Volunteers Central Java Province (H. Sarwa Pramana, SH., M.Sc), Central Java BPBD, and disaster experts in the health sector.

In this activity, the participants had a plenary discussion about the planning of disaster preparedness training by Undip volunteer teams in a disaster management plan simulation that would be carried out next in the UNDIP target area. This activity was chaired by dr. Satrio Adi Wicaksono, Sp.An. Through this activity, it is hoped that it could give the knowledge to D-DART volunteers to be prepared in managing the disasters as the social concern that is part of the community service program.

Here is the meaning of D-DART logo:

  • Keris of Diponegoro: weapon/spearhead of UNDIP in serving the community service, nation and country
  • Three red circles: D-DART team performance targets in disaster management, emergency response phase, recovery phase, and rehabilitation phase
  • Two-color elements: red = brave in emergency response, blue = UNDIP doing a service

Further information related to this activity can be accessed on the website http://ddart.lppm.undip.ac.id or through LPPM UNDIP by telephone/fax. 024-7460032/024-7460039 or e-mail: lppm@live.undip.ac.id.


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